omission ... Art. 3 The association aims to promote the development, education, dissemination of information and contacts at the scientific, clinical, technological and experimental in terms of postural symptomatology among specialists. Promotes the development and dissemination through the media of the activities of the Association. The association aims to inform and connect various centers of study and research both through polycentric both through the direct exchange of information and practices with national and international associations, which pursue the same goals or similar purposes.
Art. 4 The association called W.P.A. can organize the holding of conferences, congresses, debates refresher courses and vocational training courses school with release certificates. W.P.A. will promote and / or manage the construction of any type of publication through the press or spread through the medium of film, radio and television and electronic computer of topics and programs to disseminate the provisions in its statutory goals.
Art. 5 The association W.P.A. is non-political and non-partisan and is inspired by the democratic principles of the Italian Constitution, not for profit.
Art.6 The association W.P.A. will give his collaboration with other institutions for the development of initiatives that will preclude in its purpose. However it will always maintain the most complete independence of the organs of government, the public and private companies, trade unions.
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The WPA was founded in 2013 by the will of Tullio Toti and Sergio Zanfrini to address the postural problems not for the correction of the effects but first of all to identify the causes. The creation of survey protocols that can be common guide for all scientific research related to posture is the first goal.
Presidente WPA Italia
Tullio Toti - Medico e Odontoiatra
Presidente WPA France
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Presidente WPA Swiss
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Segretario Generale e WPA Italia
Sergio Zanfrini - Libero Docente e Progettista in Stabilometria

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